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Written by GokMasE   
Sunday, 04 August 2013 10:22
Just a quick note to mention that this website lost the ataricq.org domain for a short while some two days ago. The reason for this was a missed payment - an issue that has since been sorted. All back to normal now. There is a slim chance anything will happen during August but hopefully there will be a new release of AtarICQ during autumn. Since the last pre-beta release there have been quite a few problems ironed out. I am getting curious, if there is still interest in the program. How many AtarICQ users are there out there these days? Drop me a line on UIN#1511021 and send a "hello world" message if you are still interested in continued development :)

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Last Updated on Sunday, 04 August 2013 10:28
This website is the home for AtarICQ and the Atari Icon Library. You may also find other resources and information regarding the Atari 16/32 line of computers. Enjoy your stay!


AtarICQ is an ICQ client for Atari GEM. On this website you will find information, screenshots and downloads links to get all set.

The Atari Icon Library is one of the biggest collection of colour icons for your Atari computer.

The Orphaned Projects Page constitutes one of the major collections of Atari source code.

hEARCoach is an ear trainer for Atari, allowing you to practise on chords and intervals.


The guestbook is a great place to send feedback.


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