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Monday, 06 July 2009 21:51

Welcome to the development log

AtarICQ has found itself located on a new website, and hopefully there will be news to tell on the development status too in the future.

Current status

At this time, AtarICQ is working a treat for some while causing troubles for others. The 2 main problems are these:

  1. AtarICQ will not work (it crashes) on 68000 machines at this time. More than likely, it is related to the server side list implementation of the overlay, and nothing I can handle myself. Sorry about that.
  2. AtarICQ has since 2009-06-25 started to act up on some people. It seems like for some accounts it works great, while for others, aICQ might lock up just after going online.This problem too seems to be related to the server side list.

Dev plans

Right now I am still putting more work into new text rendering routines that I hope to incorporate into aICQ in the future. On the overlay note - I am trying to hook up with someone to cooperate with, when it comes to writing a new overlay for the internet routines, preferably based on an existing chatlib from other platforms. Don't hold your breath for anything to show up real quick though - but hopefully we'll have a breakthrough further down the road. Try and be patient with us.

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