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Sunday, 02 August 2009 15:04

Some people have recently noticed how AtarICQ fails when logging in. Or rather, it locks up right after reporting you are online. It seems the cause for the lockup is more than likely a problem with the server side contact list. This is why some people might never suffer from this at all.

It seems the actual culprit is a buffer inside the aicq.ovl that is too small, hence why those with few people on their server side contact list might be able to use AtarICQ just fine.

This means that the only currently known fix is to remove a couple of contacts from your server side contact list, something that you unfortunately can't do from aICQ. You should be able to manage this from clients such as Miranda, Pidgin, Trillian, etc. if you have access to a PC, Mac or Linux setup.

There are plans being made to supply a decent fix for the immediate problems in the OVL, and hopefully we'll be able to work out a more satisfying solution for the OVL in the future - with better support even for the server side list and such.

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