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Monday, 06 July 2009 14:34

The authors comments on the sources:
"To build X-Debug you'll need Lattice C and a version of GenST that can do 680x0 instructions. The makefile and scripts in the zip are for a Unix-ish shell I used to use, whose name escapes me but it was Scandinavian."
Legal status:
"You can laugh at it, hack on it, do whatever you want."
The following info is quoted from the description of X-Debug from FaST club website:
"X-Debug is an advanced debugger for the Atari range of computers. It is both a low-level debugger, showing memory dumps and register contents, and also a medium-level debugger, understanding about certain high-level languages and allowing source display single-step, and local variable access, for example. The best support is for Lattice C, as that is the only compiled language that outputs full debug information, but it also supports line-number debug (as created by HiSoft Basic and Devpac 3), and symbol-only debug (usable with virtually all ST compilers). Crucial to the whole debugger is the X-Debug language. This is a simple yet powerful script type language that allows complex operations to be built up from a sequence of standard operations. It supports a full expression evaluator, aliases, and procedures with parameters. It is also an important factor in customising the user interface, allowing specific commands to be attached to particular keypresses. X-Debug runs on STs and TTs with any monitor type. One megabyte of RAM is recommended, and TOS 1.4 or later avoids problems with larger programs. Written by Andy Pennell, the creater of MonST."


Author: Andy Pennel
Programming language: Lattice-C


FileDescriptionFile sizeLast Modified
Download this file (xdebug098.zip)xdebug098.zipSource distribution of X-Debug219 Kb2009-07-06 14:37

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TurboAss and Bugaboo PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 July 2009 14:06

Turbo Assembler (TurboAss) is known to be one of the fastest assembler compilers for the Atari line of computers. The authors has made the source code for TurboAss + the debugger (Bugaboo) as well as documentation files publically available.

The authors mentions the following features:

    * 68000 assembler, editor and debugger
    * Compiles up to 1.3 million lines per minute (on a 8MHz 68000)
    * Syntax check at input!
    * Very powerful editor
    * Source level debugging
    * Does not depend on the operating system.




Author: Markus Fritze/Sören Hellwig
Programming language:


FileDescriptionFile sizeLast Modified
Download this file (bug-src.zip)bug-src.zipSourcecode for the debugger Bugaboo; german comments!327 Kb2009-07-06 14:20
Download this file (ta-src.zip)ta-src.zipSourcecode for the TurboAss; german comments!513 Kb2009-07-06 14:21
Download this file (TURBOASS.LZH)TURBOASS.LZHOriginal distribution with german manual.612 Kb2009-07-06 14:26
Download this file (TurboAss.zip)TurboAss.zipOriginal disk image of the distribution version618 Kb2009-07-06 14:13
Download this file (TurboAss_Install.zip)TurboAss_Install.zipMacintosh application and C source of the installer for the serial number into TurboAss18 Kb2009-07-06 14:12

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STOS PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 July 2009 13:07

Before proceeding with the download, please read the following carefully.

Clickteam provides the source code as a courtesy to the Atari ST computer community. You are allowed to edit and modify the source code, add new features, remove sections of code and recompile it to produce modified final products. Any product made from the original source code should contain this written notification:

 "Contains parts of STOS source code, originally written by François Lionet and published by Europress Software Ltd. Contact the original authors at http://www.clickteam.com."


Author: Francois Lionet
Programming language: -

FileDescriptionFile sizeLast Modified
Download this file (STOS206.zip)STOS206.zipSource distribution of STOS284 Kb2009-07-06 13:10
Download this file (STOSCompiler206.zip)STOSCompiler206.zipSource distribution of STOS compiler238 Kb2009-07-06 13:09

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Megamax Modula-2 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 July 2009 21:36

Megamax Modula-2 is a development package + compiler. Previously distributed by Application Systems Heidelberg but nowadays it is freeware, with the source code available too.

Note from the author:

The source may be modified and re-compiled. Any part of this package may be given away at no cost, but I do not allow anyone to take money for re-distributing any part of this package without my agreement. The source code and the documentation is not property of the public domain. Of course, the included code modules may be used in commercial products like it was allowed before in the retail version.


Author: Thomas Tempelmann

FileDescriptionFile sizeLast Modified
Download this file (megamax_modula-2_devenv.zip)megamax_modula-2_devenv.zipSource distribution of Megamax Modula-23238 Kb2009-07-03 21:45
Download this file (megamax_modula-2_doc.txt.zip)megamax_modula-2_doc.txt.zipDocumentation for Megamax Modula-2 (txt)292 Kb2009-07-03 21:46

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Fashion PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 June 2009 08:51

Fashion is an RSC-editor which was originally coded for the Dolmen OS (which was planned to be the official OS of the Phenix computer by Centek), but is now discontinued. The original author has now released the program complete with sources. Fashion is coded in 68030-assembler and commented in French. The author will answer questions to anyone who is interested in taking this application further.



Author: Thomas Goirand
Programming language: 68030-assembler

FileDescriptionFile sizeLast Modified
Download this file (fashion_sources.zip)fashion_sources.zipSource distribution of Fashion1828 Kb2009-06-23 08:59

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