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Monday, 06 July 2009 13:44

TOS 404 was a project to create an Atari Falcon 030 emulator for x86 hardware running Windows 95/98 or native DOS and is coded in 32bit assembler. The aim was to emulate all the key functions of the Falcon, such as eg.

    * MC68030 emulation, at maximum speed allowed by the system CPU (we timed 48Mhz on a Celeron 433)
    * Videl-emulation of all screen-resolutions, in all color-modes.
    * MIDI in/out
    * Blitter
    * MFP68901 including timer-A through D
    * Printer
    * Serial in/out
    * Mouse and joysticks

The original author only requests that you give him credit if you modify and distribute his work in any way. If that condition is met you are thus allowed to use and modify the files in this archive.

Note that TOS 4.04 image is removed for legal reasons. Download elsewhere and rename it to "falcon.tos" and keep in work directory.


Author: Frans van Nispen
Programming language: 32-bit assembler


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